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50 States Laser Layers Mega File Pack!

50 States Laser Layers Mega File Pack!

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Unlock Your Creativity with the 50 States Laser Layers File Pack!

Are you ready to take your crafting and design projects to the next level? Our 50 States Laser Layers Mega File Pack is your key to unleashing a world of creative possibilities. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a crafting enthusiast, these meticulously crafted files will elevate your work to new heights.

**What's Included:**

🔥- **Versatile File Formats:** This comprehensive pack includes DXF, PNG, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, SVG, and PDF file types, making it compatible with various design software and laser cutting machines. Whether you're a design guru or a newbie, you'll find the perfect file format for your needs.

**Endless Crafting Opportunities:**

🔥- **Customized Layered Artwork:** With these files, you can effortlessly create intricate, layered artwork of any of the 50 United States of America. The level of detail and precision will leave your projects looking stunning and professional.

🔥- **Easy Assembly:** Our files are designed with simplicity in mind. Just laser cut, paint, and assemble the pieces – it's as easy as 1-2-3! Whether you're working on a personal project or creating unique gifts, the results will be nothing short of impressive.

**Commercial Use:**

🔥- **Unlimited Selling Rights:** When you purchase files from, you gain exclusive lifetime rights to sell physical products made with these files. This means you can turn your passion into profit and sell your beautifully crafted creations with confidence.

🛒 How to Use:

  1. Purchase the files.
  2. Download the files instantly.
  3. Use the files with your Laser software / machine for cutting.
  4. Create your own unique proven projects and even personalize them for your audience!
  5. Enjoy or sell them for a profit!

The 50 States Laser Layers File Pack is more than just a set of design files – it's an invitation to explore your creativity, share your talent, and turn your ideas into reality. Take the first step towards elevating your projects and grab your file pack today!

Order now and watch your creativity flourish with every precise laser cut. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your crafting journey with the 50 States Laser Layers File Pack.

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  • There are no returns accepted on digital items, do to the nature of their delivery.


The vectors come scaled correctly for their purposes. You can scale vectors in your CNC software.

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